Epson GT-1500 Flatbed scanner with ADF

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Epson GT-1500 Flatbed scanner with ADF Empty Epson GT-1500 Flatbed scanner with ADF

Post  N1LAF on Thu Mar 13, 2014 9:06 am

A few weeks ago I purchased the Epson GT-1500 flatbed scanner, with the 40 page ADF (Automatic Document Feed) from Staples, at a price of $250. I have since scanned all of my engineering college notes, including my history classes and all of my math classes. Worked like a champ. There were a few settings to change for this, such as turning off auto OCR, which will not work with my hand written notes, and was too slow. Overall, the GT-1500 held up to about 2000 pages scanned without problems, and is a nice all around scanner, at a great price.
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