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Post  N9XR on Thu Apr 03, 2014 1:42 pm

From OPDX;

Mellish Reef Weather Alert #1 -- For immediate release:
The skipper is monitoring a tropical depression several days north
of Mellish Reef. This severe weather has the potential to disrupt
operations. We have at least 24 hours before any decision is made
on how to proceed, we have plans to deal with the situation.

At 0700, April 3rd (local) we plan the following:
1. All unnecessary equipment will be removed from the island, leaving
just the operating tents, radio equipment, generators and antennas.
2. Depending on the intensity of the weather we may be forced to
terminate the operation early. Another alternative is to temporarily
leave the island and return when safe.
3. Any decision to modify or terminate the operation is at least 24
hours away. The safety of the DX-pedition team and the crew is the
first priority.
4. To better use the time on the island we ask that band fills be
suspended and only people that need Mellish Reef for and All Time
New One call us.
5. For at least the next 24 hours we will focus our attention to those
bands that drive highest rates to maximize ATNOs.

As news develops we will send out additional information. The only
source for VK9MT Mellish Reef information will be these bulletins.
Team Mellish 2014

Mellish Reef Weather Alert #2 - April 3, 1535 (local)
The weather continues to change. Last night there were torrential
downpours and high winds.

The antennas survived with no damage, the break tent took on some water
through an open window. The operating tents maintained their integrity
and no equipment was damaged. Today it has been hot and humid, with high

We removed non essential equipment and several antennas, including the
160 antenna, from the island. Tonight we will try to keep at least 3
stations on the air. Tomorrow morning we will remove all remaining
equipment from the island and head towards Australia.

We do not yet have a destination identified, it will depend on the
winds and sea conditions. Eventually, we will return to Mackay.

Even if the storm subsides it is unlikely we will have enough time to
return to the island.

Team Mellish Reef 2014
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