My Homebrew Antenna Switch

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My Homebrew Antenna Switch

Post  ka9mot on Mon Oct 21, 2013 5:33 pm

The Parts:
1 Recycled metal data switch box painted flat black.
6 Number 6 screws and nuts with attached star washers
3 SO-239 coax connectors
1 DPDT toggle switch
3 Four inch RG-8X Jumpers

The box bottom.... This was a Networking (data) Switch with 3 sockets on the back and an A/B switch on the front. I painted it Flat Black so it would match my station. Drill a few holes for screws and make the switch hole large enough to fit the DPDT toggle switch. I used my Dremel tool and a sanding roll to remove the paint from the mounting points so I'd get a good ground.

DA Top of the case

The back with SO-239s mounted.

The inside...notice the yucky computer off white paint inside....

I tried these wires and had pretty poor results so I changed them to RG-8X coax. Shields to ground on the SO-239 side and switched the shields along with the center conductor at the switch.

All done!

The end results.
This was through 2 other coax switches to my dummy load. Note the perfect SWR as well as 50 Ohm Impedance..... It works perfectly and it is soooo pretty!
SWR raises to 1.2 with 46 Ohms impedance on 50 MHz.  Looks like 50 MHz is the upper limit for this switch.

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Re: My Homebrew Antenna Switch

Post  N9XR on Mon Oct 21, 2013 6:09 pm

Congrats on a nice project. That is really cool.
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